These comments should help you with report writing for science.
School report writer

^ was able to identify the process that takes place when water changes to a gas as evaporation.

^ could identify a range of contexts in which water evaporates.

^ has described some contexts in which other liquids evaporate.

^ is able to explain that ^ can smell things when liquids evaporate and the gas reaches ~ nose.

^ is able to identify factors that could affect how fast water evaporates.

^ was able to make a reasonable prediction and, with some help, suggest a fair test to test the prediction.

^ could, with help in choosing what to do, present ~ results in a graph.

^ was able to compare ~ results and draw ~ own conclusions.

^ is able to explain how to make things ‘dry’ more quickly using ~ own ideas about the factors affecting evaporation.

^ was able to identify the process which takes place when water vapour turns to a liquid as condensation.

^ is able to explain why condensation occurs in a number of situations such as on kitchen windows on a cold day or on cold taps in the bathroom.

^ was able to explain where condensation wasn’t so frequently seen.

^ knows that air contains water vapour which cannot be seen but its vapour may condense when it hits a cold surface.

^ recognises condensation in the bathroom as droplets of water forming on a cold surface.

^ was able to identify the pattern in ~ data and use this to make predictions.

^ has recognised that simply heating water at its boiling point will not result in it getting hotter.

^ can state that the boiling temperature of water is 100?C.

^ is able to state that the freezing temperature of water is 0?C.

^ recognises that the temperature in the classroom is usually around 18?C – 22?C.

^ was able to recognise that melting, freezing, evaporation and condensing are all changes which can be reversed and all changes which involved a change of state.

# has correctly identified examples of melting, freezing, evaporation and condensing.

# is able to describe the water cycle, naming the processes correctly eg by telling the story of a drop of water from when it left the sea until it returned to the sea.

^ has recognised that evaporation and condensation are processes that can be reversed.