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# has learnt to collect and store information involving more than two variables. ^ used a database to answer simple questions by sorting and finding the top or bottom and searching in a single field.
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# was introduced to files, records and fields by letting * explore and compare computer-based data and paper-based information. ^ has used a computer database, added to it, carried out simple searches and ^ was able to produce several bar charts.

# will apply what ^ has learnt in this unit when using ICT to handle and present information in geography, science, design and technology, and history.

^ understand why ^ needs to structure ~ information.

^ has used the database fields correctly in order to answer ~ questions.

^ was able to identify the appropriate information for ~ specific fields within a textual or visual description.

^ could add new records to a file and place the information in the correct fields using the correct conventions.

^ could recognise the similarities between the computer and paper-based systems and add records to ~ database.

^ is able to translate questions into search criteria that can be used to find answers from a database.

^ used a database to generate ~ own bar charts and to interpret ~ data.

# has started to understand that computer simulations can represent real and imaginary situations. ^ learnt how to explore simulations, explore options and to test ~ predictions. ^ has evaluated simulations by comparing them with real situations and considering their usefulness.

# will apply what ^ has learnt when using simulations throughout ~ work, for example predator/prey simulations in science.

^ understands that computer simulations can represent real or imaginary situations.

^ recognises that computer simulations allow users to try things that would be difficult or impossible to do in practice.

^ was able to use the simulation to make and explore ~ predictions and to identify patterns.

^ has evaluated number of different simulations.

^ was able to use a simulation to develop ~ understanding of what was being simulated.

^ has developed ~ ability to recognise patterns and make and test ~ own predictions.

# has learnt to use e-mail (electronic mail) to send and receive messages. ^ learnt about how to communicate over distances and ^ has considered and compared different methods of communication.

Using e-mail can help # develop ~ reading and writing skills and develop ~ knowledge of the wider community.

# will be able to apply what ^ has learnt in this unit when using e-mail, gathering information, developing collaborative projects, and writing for other audiences.

^ was able to read and respond to e-mails.

^ has sent annotated replies to e-mails.

^ is able to send e-mails.

^ can attach files to ~ e-mails.